KingSpoke Home

This wall cap was about 8" wide and was layered up as a solid piece from the top to the bottom.

The 2nd and 3rd pictures show a Black Walnut and Brass inlay.  This was not part of the original design.  The owner's dog decided that is where he wanted to chew on something, so he did.  We removed the eaten section and replaced it with this inlay.

The owners had some guests over right after they moved in.  The next morning, we were at the house helping with a few things and the owner asked me how did we make the wall cap?  When I inquired as to why, he said some of his guests were Engineers from Rice University, and they could not figure out how it was done.  I politely told him "If the Rice Engineers can't figure it out, then I don't think I should tell them.

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