KingSpoke Home

This was a 28' long 1x12 Black Walnut skirtboard.  It was glued end to end, then edge to edge, then 3 layers thick.
Step 1)  Glue all the pieces together.

Step 2)  Plane the layers to 1/4" thick.  A 28' skirtboard takes up 56' of floor space + the size of the planer.

Step 3)  We built a wall the was the same size as the inside of the original stairway wall.  We then bent all 3 layers around it to produce the 1x12x28" long skirtboard.

Delivery day is always a good day.  This barely fir on the 16' trailer.

Carl J. Hutchison
Austin, TX. 78758
ph#: 512-331-8336