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On May 20, 2016, I picked up one of the rollers from Whit and here is what I have found with some possible suggestions.

  Once I had it back at my shop, I proceeded to remove the cover plates.
20160521_095935.jpg (1699798 bytes) 20160521_103032.jpg (1725566 bytes) 
The above pictures show the Exterior side of the axel, where the grease fitting is.
20160521_123930.jpg (1914079 bytes) 20160521_123935.jpg (1757205 bytes)
This particular grease fitting is missing the ball and the nipple, the spring was still in the hole.
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The wheel is 11-1/4" diameter.
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It is important to know that the axel was only spot welded onto the cover plate.
20160521_110757.jpg (2780744 bytes)
Here are some pictures of the cutout in the door.
20160521_104323.jpg (3035181 bytes) 20160521_104330.jpg (2916495 bytes) 20160521_110746.jpg (2058145 bytes) 20160521_110751.jpg (2198308 bytes) 20160521_112025.jpg (2628238 bytes) 20160521_112041.jpg (1940300 bytes)
There were 4 thru bolts around the wheel that used standard metal conduit as a spacer as that part was not touching the wood door.
20160521_105045.jpg (6735555 bytes)
NOTE:  It would appear that these rollers were held onto the door with only 8 bolts each.  The only thing that kept the 1 ton of wood doors from slipping down to the ground is the mortised cover plates.
Recessed plates.jpg (124434 bytes)

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