KingSpoke Home

These Barn Doors were built for an entrance feature to a new, very nice, new neighborhood.

This is the only picture I have of it installed.

Barn Door.jpg (398783 bytes)

As for the construction,  The doors will be hung on barn door hardware and left in the open environment.  Therefore, I went an extra step and drilled weep holes in the mod and the lower rails as seen here.

weep holes1.JPG (242138 bytes) weep holes2.JPG (243248 bytes) weep holes3.JPG (335801 bytes)

Also, the panels were treated with a heavy coating of oil based primer, especially the edges, prior to assembly as seen here.

primed panels.JPG (497432 bytes)

Of course, dowels are used in all our joints.


dowels1.JPG (344254 bytes)

Here is what they looked like upon delivery.

delivery1.JPG (251132 bytes) delivery2.JPG (229628 bytes)

Carl J. Hutchison
Austin, TX. 78758
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