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These are large barn type doors we have built for a new Cart Barn at The Austin Country Club.  They are built from Southern Yellow Pine and will be suspended and roll on a track.  The rolling doors are 3" thick and vary from 7'4" to 12'8" wide x 7'4" to 11'3-1/2" tall.  We also have a 6 door bi-fold unit that will measure 20'3" wide x 11' tall.

These pictures show what some of these doors look like installed.  This is view seen upon entrance through the security gate.  In other words, this is the first thing you see as you enter the Austin Country Club.  We're kinda proud of that.

The swinging hinged doors we built.

And the Gate

Installed sliding doors.  These natural colored doors are in the Practice swing rooms.  The larger door below is for the Cart Barn located beneath the swing area.

 We had to move these doors out of the shop on a primitive rotating device.  These doors are bigger than the doors in our shop.  A pivot device had to be developed just to roll these doors out of the shop and was modeled after 4th and 12th Century armament devices.  Once in the parking lot, they had to be moved again with the forklift to the trailer.  Once onsite, the transfer was quite another show.

Moving the 1st and largest door for the Cart Barn.  Kind of like getting the hardest one over first.

Moving one of the smaller doors.


These pictures show how we move them around the shop.  They must be flipped to apply the material to the other side.  The large doors will weigh from 1,000 lbs to 1,300 lbs each.

This is how they were pre-finished prior to delivery.  They are soo big, he had to make like he was staining a deck.

Carl J. Hutchison
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